Computer Exams

Computer Exams

Computer exams take place at computer workstations in the specially equipped examination rooms Raabheim (RA-PR9901), Life Science Park B045, or Life Science Park B132. These rooms have an infrastructure specifically designed for examinations, aimed at ensuring fair examination conditions for all students.

Checklist for participating in a computer exam:

  • You must have a valid student ID (KeplerCard, JKU Card) and be registered as a student at the time of the exam.
  • No unauthorized items or tools are allowed in the computer exam room! – Remember to bring a 2 € coin for the locker.
[PDF] Guidelines for Computer Exams

Checklist for Participation in a Computer Exam

The most up-to-date information about exam contents and information about the exam location can be found in your Moodle exam course.

[PDF]Richtlinie Computerprüfungen (German)