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Courses in the current semester

Bachelor- und Diplomstudium Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Business and Economics)

After successfully attending the KS Informationsverarbeitung, students of Business and Economics can pick Schwerpunktfach Digital Business Management and/or Schwerpunktfach Technologische Grundlagen at the institute.

Furthermore, the following courses can be chosen optionally.

Masterstudium Webwissenschaften (Web Sciences)

The following branches may be chosen in the master study Web Sciences.

  • Social Web
  • Web Art & Design
  • Web Business & Economy
  • Web Engineerung
  • Web und Recht

Masterstudium Digital Business Management

JKU Linz and FH Steyr cooperate and offer a Joint Master´s Program for Digital Business Management. For further information, visit the official web page here.

PhD Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Business and Economics)

PhD students in Business and Economics may apply to write their thesis at the institute. For further information, follow this link.