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Johannes Kepler University hosts second PERFORM Training Week

Johannes Kepler University hosts second PERFORM Training Week

Linz, a European Capital of Culture, was the destination of our next stop in the Marie Curie Project PERFORM. JKU hosted the Second Official Training Week, focusing on the significance of Customer Experience within retailing. It was an intense week with innovative workshops, interactive company visits and interesting presentations & lectures from guest speakers Fred Davis (Texas, USA) and Pierre-Majorique Léger (Montréal, Canada), who, together with host René Riedl (JKU), provided state-of-the-art insights into topics such as Technology Adoption, NeuroIS and Customer Experience Measurements. On top of that, inside views into legal aspects showed the extent of the disruption of the retail industry, rounding out the various dimensions of topics in our project.

Members of the PERFORM consortium

It was a rewarding and challenging event, demonstrating again successfully how the Early Stage Researchers evolve throughout their individual projects and are able to contribute to each other and to the overall goal in becoming a pioneer in future retailing.

Many thanks to everyone joining and helping together. We are awaiting everyone to our annual gathering in Dublin in October this year, with an extraordinary programme!